Dec 2, 2019 - Radio France Concert, Paris


“Congratulations, Melissa, on your triumph tonight in Paris! ‘Bouleversant’ is about as powerful an adjective as you can get in French. Means ‘stunning-shocking’ or ‘astounding-amazing’. Brava.”


— Ghostlight Records

Singer Melissa Errico Unveils Oscar-Winning Composer Michel Legrand’s Last Song on New Album

“The album is a tribute to the maestro”


— People Magazine

“One of the most moving and even thrilling cabaret shows I've ever seen. When Miss Errico sings the work of the late and much-missed Michel Legrand, you just want to climb up inside one of her songs and stay there for the rest of your life.”


— Will Friedwald, The Wall Stret Journal

Melissa Errico Continues AN EVEN GRANDER AFFAIR With Throngs of Fans at 54 Below

“Nobody is like Melissa Errico…she interprets Michel Legrand’s work in ways no other artist ever has. Melissa Errico is a walking work of art, simply born to be a masterpiece, the value of which appreciates with each passing year. The overabundance of talent and beauty can be heard on her CDs and seen in her film and TV performances, but any person unlucky enough to have never seen her perform live doesn't know what they are missing…Ms. Errico is, clearly, a Francophile and her understanding of Monsieur Legrand and the way his nationality informed his artistry is most definitely reflected in both her perception and performance of his music…for the entirety of her show, Errico was like a glass of Veuve Clicquot, effervescent and intoxicating, always beautiful.”



“Backed by a brilliant band led by the greatest living non-classical accompanist today, Tedd Firth, who was simply on fire, Errico, bursting with passion for her mentor, delivered a rich feast of reminiscences and anecdotes in her distinct “talking cabaret” style, as well as sumptuous song, in which she totally lost herself, sometimes literally becoming the music. Her voice is crystalline and clarion, as silvery and refreshing as a mountain stream, and she did a segue from “His Eyes, Her Eyes” to the lulling, sensual “The Summer Knows” that took my breath away.”


—  David Noh/Gay City News

“Errico, with her restrained, precise singing,

is an ideal vocal embodiment for Legrand’s music

and  stakes a claim as a major interpreter of his catalog.”


—  William Ruhlman/

“This thrilling, expansive, release is destined

to become nothing less than epic.”


—  EDGE Magazine

“Wonderful to share a blissful night of great songs

by the late Michel Legrand ravishly sung

by the exquisite Melissa Errico.”


—  Mark Shenton

Melissa Errico returns to SF a ‘more complex woman’ with ‘Legrand Affair’

“Nothing better captures Errico’s range as an artist

than the fact she’s been the vocalist of choice for Legrand,

who handpicked her to star in Amour.”


—  The San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco
MELISSA ERRICO at The Venetian Room

“Melissa Errico is and will continue to be the premiere interpreter of the musical legacy of Michel Legrand…a heartwarming homage to her mentor, collaborator and longtime friend Michel Legrand…Melissa hit the ground running with a lush rendition of "Something New in My Life". My favorite Legrand tune is "The Summer Knows", his Oscar-winning song from the film The Summer of 42, and Errico nails its wistful melancholy. A prolific film composer, Legrand's flirtatious "His Eyes, Her Eyes" from The Thomas Crown Affair highlights Errico's fine vocal chops. By the time she sang her encore of Legrand's “Dis Moi" from the 19791 French film Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide (A Little Sun in Cold Water), Errico had won our hearts. She's talented, charismatic and knows how to work a crowd.”


— BroadwayWorld / San Francsico


“A gob-smacking stunner! The actress-singer is absolutely on fire, in superb voice and utterly at the top of her game. As a total performer she’s mesmerizing, vibrant, engaging…but more than that, she has the uncanny ability to actually inhabit a song. She feels the music down to her roots and when she sings, such as “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life” or “You Must Believe In Spring” you clearly know she’s singing it just for you…the glorious voice, the charm, wit, and complete authenticity is the enchanting package that is Melissa Errico. To be bathed in all of this, plus her deep love for Michel Legrand, is not only to be supremely entertained but to have shared in a truly special experience of stellar proportions.”


—Marilyn Lester, Theater Pizzazz

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